ASA Group Holdings has acquired a medicinal cannabis license in Lesotho.

The concept is to construct a cannabis cultivation and extraction operation for the production of medicinal cannabis in line with the license requirements in Lesotho. High-level concept: on a site of 14 hectares, we intend to construct a scalable footprint consisting of climate-controlled greenhouses, an extraction facility and office space. Initially, the greenhouses will have 3 distinct areas, classified by virtue of the growing phase of the plants:

• Area 1 – Mother plant area – 100m2 – 24/7 lighting
• Area 2 – Vegetative stage – 1,000m2 – 18 hours lighting year-round (supplemented)
• Area 3 – Flowering Stage – 10,000m2 – 12 hours light and 12 dark (supplemented light and darkened seasonally.

Lighting, humidity and temperature will be (automatically) controlled. Irrigation systems will be integrated into the design. Access to electricity and clean, fresh water is critical to this operation.
A small-footprint, self-contained extraction facility will be built off-site and transported to the site. This structure will most likely be a re-purposed 40-foot shipping container. Several (up to 7 to begin) other repurposed shipping containers will constitute the drying, office and storage “buildings”. This allows for rapid and economical deployment and minimal on-site construction.
The entire facility is scalable by nature and the intention is to expand the footprint of both the cultivation, extraction and office structures over time, as demand will dictate.

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