About Us

About Us

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ASA Group was established as an investment company focussing on empowerment, growth and value creation. With firm roots in the mining and logistics industry, the company has also diversified into other sectoral investments to take advantage of value opportunities.

Although only in operation since 2015, the shared vision of the Founder, Thabo Ntai has enabled the Group to grow and expand its investment platform through the acquisition and development of various strategic investments and opportunities.

Investment Policy

At ASA Group, we pride ourselves on diversity and on applying our core values to every aspect of our business dealings and decisions. By actively participating in our investee entities, we are able to leverage growth and generate strong and consistent returns.

Our Strategic Relationships

Our core values, discernment and integrity have encouraged many strategic local and international relationships. These relationships have developed into strong partnerships in new ventures, adding services into our already extensive operations, while developing new skills and services in the African business space. These relationships have allowed us to develop a “Best of Breed” solution to our investee companies’ customers, and have introduced a vast knowledge-base of experience from other continents where technologies and methodologies have far outstripped our own.

Corporate Governance

ASA Group is committed to a policy of fair dealing and integrity in the conduct of business. The code of ethics applies to our dealings with all our stakeholders, government, clients, shareholders, intermediaries, suppliers, and employees.

Executive Team

Thabo Ntai
Managing Director
Adv. Majoele Mopeli
Head of Legal & Compliance
Leon De Jongh
Executive Contracts Manager
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Phone: +27 73 584 0271
LESOTHO: Suite 52 Avani Maseru, Lesotho
REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA: 285B Heron Hill, Ajax Street, Pretoria